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What is iTriage?

iTriage is a mobile and web healthcare platform developed by two ER Physicians that empowers people to make better healthcare decisions by answering the two most commonly asked healthcare questions:

  1. What is wrong with me?
  2. What do I need to do, or where do I need to go for treatment?

iTriage allows users to take action regarding their own healthcare through a "Symptom-to-Provider™" pathway:

  1. Look up your symptoms
  2. Learn about possible causes of your symptoms
  3. Based on the causes, guide you to the most appropriate treatment path
  4. Locate the closest appropriate healthcare providers to your current location or any location you choose

In addition to the "Symptom-to-Provider™" pathway, the iTriage application also provides consumers:

To date, millions of consumers in over 80 countries have downloaded iTriage making it the most widely distributed mobile platform connecting patients to healthcare delivery.

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